Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (2023)

Don't see your Virgin Media TV guide? Here's how to get it back in simple steps!

ThatVirgin Media-TVThe guide contains information about all the channels available in your subscription package.

If something went wrong with the channel guide, there are many solutions you could try.

Next, let's take a quick look at how it's done.

To resolve the issue of not displaying the Virgin Media TV Guide, power cycle the hub and set up the WPS Internet connection. Then reconnect your hub to the Virgin Media service and if nothing helps, do a factory reset on your Virgin Media hub.

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Why doesn't Virgin Media show a TV guide?

The Virgin Media TV Guide should always be complete and contain information on all your TV channels, time zones and upcoming programmes.

If the information in your guide is not available, it is likely thatVirgin Media does not provide program information.

Let's see what might be preventing the Virgin Media TV Guide from loading:

  • There is a problem with the Virgin Media hub
  • Your hub is not connected to the Internet
  • There is a problem with the Virgin Media servers
  • Incorrect TV Guide filter settings

To find out how to fix your Virgin Media problem, keep reading our solutions!

How to fix Virgin Media TV Guide not showing?

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (1)

The solution requires a thorough review of your configuration that includes several direct steps against one of the most common causes.

Hopefully, by the end of the solution guide, not only will the problem be gone, but the true cause will also be revealed.

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Let's get in right now!

Solution #1 Power cycle the hub!

The first thing to try isPower cycle your Virgin Media hub.

Perhaps due to problematic startups or other software issues with the device, the device was unable to load the guide along with all the channel information.

The best way is the Power Cycle.

To power cycle your Virgin Media hub:

  1. Turn off the Virgin Media hub and wait for the device to turn off.
  2. separate thepower adapterfrom the socket hub.
  3. Waiting5 minuteswhile the hub is disconnected from the hub.
  4. Plug the Virgin Media Hub cable back into the electrical outlet.
  5. Turn on the device and see if the guide loads now.

If the circulation of power did not help Virgin Media TV Guide, the problem may be related to something else.

Let's learn more in the next solution!

Solution #2 Set up WPS connection

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (2)

There is a high probability that this problem is a symptom of aproblematic internet connectionin your cable box.

What probably happened is that your cable box got disconnected from the internet and you need to go through the WPS setup again to fix the Virgin Media TV Guide.

To set up your set-top box's Internet connection using WPS:

  1. go to yoursNetwork router/modem.
  2. Find and press theWPS Flavoron the front of the device.
  3. Press the "WPS" button on your Virgin Media decoder.
  4. Wait for the connection to be establishedmeets.

You'll know your Virgin Media hub is connected when the LED on the front of the device lights up.

The WPS LED lights up, which means the hub is connected to the Internet. You should also check if your WLAN/Internet is intact.

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Alarm:The WPS button on your hub must be pressed within 120 seconds of pressing the WPS button on the router.

Solution #3 Reconnect to "Virgin Media Service"

If the problem was not with the Internet connection, it is likely that your hub has become disconnected from the Virgin Media service.

The channel information displayed in the TV Guide is taken from the official service of Virgin Media.

Your device must be connected to the Virgin Media global network to retrieve and view media guide information.

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (3)

To reconnect your hub to the Virgin media service:

  1. get your centerRemote control.
  2. Go to "At home" eyelash.
  3. Go to "Help and settings“.
  4. press "network connection“.
  5. Click on "Connect to Virgin Media service“.
  6. Expect30 minutesbefore checking

On average, it will take around 30 minutes for your hub to connect to Virgin's media service. For now, don't interact with your hub and let it connect automatically.

Use:If the connection fails, please try again and then contact Virgin Support.

Solution No.4 Show all guide channels

As we mentioned before, there are filters in your Guide that can display specific channels and available shows.

If you have incorrect filter settings, some or all of the content in your channel guide will be hidden until further notice.

There is a way to reduce all the filters set and see all the available streaming content.

Go to your Virgo's TV guide and select the blue button on your hub remote!

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (4)

As you will see, the blue button has a title "show all channels' which essentially displays the content available to you.

If you accidentally hid any content, pressing the blue button will show all programs and streams.

Remember that the blue button is on the remote control of your hub.

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Don't try to point to the button on the screen, as that's just a label that shows what the button does.

Solution #5 Update the hub firmware

If there is no information available in the guide, it is likely that your Virgin TV decoder software is out of date.

There is a way to update the hub software and upload the latest firmware to the device so that you can update the information in the TV guide.

Here's how to upgrade your Virgin hub in simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your profile on your hub.
  2. Go tosettings.
  3. Scroll down and look for the "Update" eyelash.
  4. press "Search for updates“.
  5. Wait for the update checker to check for available updates.
  6. Press the "Update' to start the software update.
  7. Wait for your box to finish updating.

With the new firmware you should now test if Virgin Media TV Guide works!

Alarm:Do not power off or restart your hub as this will cancel the software update.

Solution #6 Factory reset the hub!

If nothing has worked so far, you should do aFactory resetin the bucket.

This will erase all guide information and all features and settings on your hub.

This is the most powerful solution we have in the store that will surely fix the problem.

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (5)

Here's how to factory reset your Virgin Media box in simple steps:

  1. press themenu buttonon the remote control of your box.
  2. Navigate to "settings“.
  3. Choose "advanced settings“.
  4. Choose "Virgen-TV-Box“.
  5. press theOK keyon your remote.
  7. To confirm the reset, press the buttonOKbutton on your remote.
  8. Wait for the reset to complete.

The reset can take up to 5 minutes and you should not interact with the device at this time.

This may cancel the reset or cause more problems with your hub in the future. So be patient and wait for the reset to complete. When you're ready, try the Virgin Media TV Guide.

Use:If your checkout menu is different, look for a"RESET TO DEFAULTS"Tab This is common with older software versions of the hub.

Short summary:

Therefore, the TV guide on your Virgin Media TV hub can be fixed by rebooting the device and updating the software. If that didn't work, remove any active Guide filters and reconnect your set-top box to the media service. Finally, perform a factory reset.

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In this guide, we have learned all about Virgin Media TV Guide not showing issue and how you could solve it.

Finally, always remember that the Virgin Media support team will take care of the problem and help you as soon as possible.

To protect your identity online, especially when connecting your hubs to your home network, be sure to useatlasvpn.

Not only can your online activities not be tracked, but you can also bypass parental controls and region-specific restrictions on media.

Virgin Media TV Guide not showing? - (Easy Solution Guide!) (6)

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