Shining Inheritance Episode 20 Review and Review (2023)

Shining Inheritance Episode 20 Review and Review (1)

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You know, Shining Inheritance just keeps getting better :) This episode was particularly satisfying because the romance/navigability between Eun-seung and Hwan is now "simmering" - below simmering but above heat.


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When Eun-seung leaves the house, Hwan runs after her and asks why she isn't saying anything, then practically begs her to defend herself. Eun-seung yells back, "If I did, would you believe me? … You wouldn't believe me anyway" and walks away. Eun-seung stays with Hye-Ri. Hye-Ri, who forgives far less than her friend, scolds everyone involved and wants to tell her family the truth. Eun-seung refuses and hands her resignation to her grandmother the next day. She has a backbone of steel and cannot believe that Eun-seung is all bad, rejecting the resignation, telling her no matter what her involvement in what Seung-mi and her mother said she should do with her remaining time in leg 2 and prove to her that she can be successful. Eun-seung agrees but says her that she absolutely rejects the inheritance now.Eun-seung has a tense confrontation with Seung-mi (can't remember if it was before or after talking to grandma) and challenges her with "What if Hwan likes me?". and "Are you sure he promised to marry you?"

Back at work, she and Hwan have a brief conversation, during which she tells him that she will no longer claim the inheritance and asks if he has seen her necklace (her mother's, which she lost). Hwan receives his first paycheck and asks Eun-seung to help him choose a gift for grandma. The two go shopping together, buying wildflowers and woolen underwear for the winter. Hwan searches all over the house for Eun-seung's necklace but can't find it. He finds out Eun-seung's address and secretly delivers her bicycle along with a necklace and a note that reads, "I couldn't find your necklace. What kind of girl only has one necklace?" When Eun-seung finds it, he realizes that he is the only one in the entire family who trusts her and is incredibly touched. However, Hye-Ri scolds her about not liking him because of Seung-mi, and Eun-seung agrees. Left alone, however, she gives up and cries over the necklace and the card, obviously struggling with her feelings for him. She goes to work without the necklace, as Hwan observes as soon as she arrives. Seung-mi calls Hwan and wants something to eat, but instead, on invitation from her, he goes out for drinks with Eun-seung, where the two talk a bit about their parents. Hwan gets drunk and doesn't pick up when Seung-mi calls him. In the end, he stumbles to Eun-seung's house, b he goes to her door and calls her name; When she opens the door, he practically falls on top of her and they both stumble backwards, falling into bed with him.

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You know, I'm fed up with Seung-mi's character. She was mildly interesting when she was still torn between her heart's best and worst impulses, but now that she's finally switched to the "evil intrigue" side, all of her actions are very predictable; we can count on everything she does to deviate from her selfishness and deceit, and now even the (already subdued) interest I had in her when she faltered is gone. I am also impatient with her because, unlike her mother, she could easily have chosen to be a "good" person, and unlike her mother, her badness stems from a weakness of character rather than a conscious choice. Her mother, although she is a completely mean and selfish person, at least she has the strength of character to choose her path consciously, move forward and not apologize for it. Seung-mi, on the other hand, is drawn to evil by her own selfishness, her mother's influence, and her inability to see any other way to get what she wants. Ineffective, unable to do things her way, she resorts to deceit (and falls for her mother's schemes) in order for her to develop the way she wants. I'm not sure whether or not I should blame Moon Chae Won for how one-dimensional (now that she's become evil) and boring I find her character to be, but I think another actress admittedly has more subtlety could have brought a limited character. But one problem I had with this drama in general is that, in my opinion, too much time is spent on the villains; I'm really not that interested in finding out all the inner workings, thoughts and fears that Seung-mi and her mother suffer from, especially since so much of it is just more of the same-more intrigue, more horror into something unexpected. that Eun-seung or Hwan's grandma do that, more powerless mothers fight with daughters...


Another (minor) gripe I have is how much Eun-seung cries in this drama. Well, I'm all for drama heroines going through a lot of suffering - that's what happens when you have the unfortunate fate of starring in a drama (but don't worry - you'll almost certainly come out happy, healthy and prosperous in the end - at least less in rom-coms) - and it gives rom-coms the much-needed emotional depth that would otherwise be pretty cute - but seriously. Han Hyo-Joo is crying at this point - not just a few tears, but sobbing, breaking down, at least twice an episode lately, not to mention the many other times throughout the drama that she's cried, and the routine starts to get old. I want my tears and my fear to be treated well so that my heart strings are pulled effortlessly and I can truly feel compassion for them. But it happens so often now - if only I could feel her pain every time she breaks down,I WOULD GOWalk around a weeping wreck. The anxiety at this point becomes a bit repetitive and forced, and I also wonder if Eun-seung's way of dealing with everything is to not defend herself, whine around and then decide to get up and stay - but without ever dealing with the actual situation /people involved. The girl is like a saint, almost to the point of cowardice. Thank goodness, every time I'm about to give up on her as weak, the drama shows her tough, brave, and uncompromising side (like that confrontation with Eun-seung where she demands, "What if Hwan likes me?") and saves her from to be a passive saint. We like our heroines admirably. But as much as I love Eun-seung and her brave, genuine integrity, I also love her tough, strong, honest side and I don't want her to be a Mother Teresa. Thankfully, at this point, the drama redeems her as a still strong person, though she occasionally goes too far.

The best parts of this episode were definitely the Hwan/Eun-seung scenes (the actors reinforce their characters' chemistry well); I thought of Hwan's date with Seung-mi where he says "You know I hate complicated things... I'm simple-minded but that doesn't mean I don't have common sense" and tells her that no matter the details he still believes on Eun-seung because of his interactions with her, it was brilliant and really captured the best part of Hwan's character. Once he puts his mind to something, he goes for it no matter what (was against Eun-seung at first, now supports her). The boy has turned into an absolutely charming man in a few episodes :) As for Eun-seung, I'm pleased that they definitely show her falling in love with Hwan, although she doesn't really have any logical reason for it; Eun-seung is such a focused and dedicated person most of the time, choosing and following her paths without ignoring everything else (for example with her work) that it's nice to see her falter against her will.

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My favorite scene, though, would be the too-short one with Eun-woo; This is such an amazing, tender, perfect addition to the drama - that the man who is in love with Eun-seung, and whom she quickly falls in love with, befriends and loves her autistic brother and vice versa, without ever knowing it. who he is. It's. I also like it because it brings out an aspect of Hwan's personality that he doesn't show to anyone else, a natural, charming, relaxed and sensitive side. Even with Eun-seung, he is always so tense, so torn by conflicting emotions and/or unable to express, articulate or respond to his emotions that he becomes quite withdrawn and awkward. He smiles and laughs lightly with Eun-woo, focuses all his attention on this autistic stranger and pulls him out easily, and I love that Eun-woo is drawn to him quite quickly and naturally, "picking him out" on a case-by-case basis . -base case ". And only with him is Hwan completely honest; It's very refreshing to see a drama hero who is so in touch with his emotions and so straight with his heart, even if he's understandably torn at this point about whether to follow his head or follow his heart. Yes, I would say that the Hwan/Eun-woo scenes are not only a brilliant plot, but they areGreatto show us the real Hwan.

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Does shining inheritance have a happy ending? ›

With episode 26 rated at 43.4% and episode 27 at 44.6%, there was a noticeable jump in viewers. But all good things must come to an end and this drama definitely had a happy ending with Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo going on a date, arguing with each other, and ending with a kiss and a hug.

What is the synopsis of Shining Inheritance? ›

Tragedy strikes Eun-seong (Han Hyo-Joo) when her father suddenly dies and her brother goes missing. Then, by accident, good fortune arrives on Eun-seong's doorsteps when her kindness to an old woman yields the promise she'll inherits a vast fortune.

Where can I watch Shining Inheritance for free? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Shining Inheritance" streaming on Kocowa, Rakuten Viki or for free with ads on Kocowa.

What happens to Carson in inheritance? ›

Carson initially assumed Archer was driving him into the woods to kill him after Carson raped his wife, but then changed his mind and decided to lock him up for the rest of his life instead as a means of psychological torture, as penance for his crimes.

Is the heirs love triangle? ›

Heirs, much like Boys Over Flowers, is an iconic drama that features a love triangle that had fans rooting for both of the boys. Cha Eun Sang was a normal girl who got to attend a super-rich school. Her main love interest, Kim Tan, loved her a lot and tried to help her fit in, but it didn't always work out so well.

What do the twins represent in The Shining? ›

The twins also represent Danny's anticipation of his Mother being murdered. They have jet black hair like Wendy and they wear blue dresses. Wendy wears a blue dress at the start of the film with red stockings and sleeves, which gives her the symbolic appearance of an axe murdered twin.

What is the main message of The Shining? ›

The theme of the Shining revolves around the ways in which we are haunted by our past, and in particular, by our relationships with our parents.

What is Stephen King's message in The Shining? ›

Stephen King's The Shining focuses on families and the way various forms of dysfunction—such as jealousy, insanity, abuse, and addiction—can rip them apart. At the center of the novel is the Torrance family—Jack, Wendy, and Danny—and they are fighting considerable odds.

Is the shining on Netflix? ›

Jack Torrance descends into madness — terrorizing his wife and young son — after living at a deserted and eerie hotel during its off season. Watch all you want. Oscar winner Jack Nicholson delivers a chilling performance in Stanley Kubrick's hypnotic horror classic.

Does Netflix have inheritance? ›

When Lauren's wealthy father dies and leaves her the keys to a hidden bunker on their estate, what she finds could destroy her family — and their lives. Watch all you want.

Does Danny see the twins in The Shining book? ›

The story behind the sisters is that they were murdered by their dad, Delbert Grady, in the Overlook Hotel. In the book, Danny does not see them in a vision as it occurs in the movie.

Are The Shining twins alive? ›

Later, it's revealed that the twins were murdered by their father, Delbert Grady, while he was working as a caretaker at the Overlook.

Did Stephen King approve of The Shining? ›

American filmmaker Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King's novel The Shining is widely regarded as one of the defining works in the horror genre. However, Stephen King truly disliked the end result and has criticised it for years.

Do the twins in The Shining appear in the book? ›

Despite the Grady sisters appearance in the 1980 film, they don't appear in the book. The Grady family murders are discussed in the book, but the girls aren't twins and they aren't seen by Danny in a vision as they are in the movie. Their names are Alexa and Alexie in the 1980s version of The Shining.


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