Let Your Kid Play Roblox And Get These 5 Tech Superpowers For Parents (2023)

Let Your Kid Play Roblox And Get These 5 Tech Superpowers For Parents (1)

are you ready forRoblox?Of, like the parent of a child who probably pestered you to sign him up for a Roblox account. As a parent of a child who enjoys designing, building, and playing. As a parent concerned about the safety of his son online.

Raising healthy, engaged and creative children in today's connected world requires real technological superpowers as parents. Beyond that, adigital heroWith routines to manage family screen time, parents also act ascurators, border guards and creative problem solvers —product selection, they care about their children's online safety and help their children make the most of their time online.

You can find helpful guides on Roblox from trusted sources like:common sense mediathe seeinstruction videosto help your child get started. Alternatively, I wrote this post to explain the tech superpowers for parents you need to help your family get the most out of gaming.

By the end of this post, you've gotten 5 tech superpowers in parenting. You will be able to:

  • Explain what Roblox is to other parents in a simple way.
  • Learn how to use Roblox tools and settings to maximize your child's online safety.
  • Understand why kids watch Roblox on YouTube.
  • Find out how the Roblox Scripting Language allows kids to practice text-based programming.
  • Understand how Robux works and what you should be aware of.

This is how you do it:

Explaining Roblox to other parents can be easy if you stick to these three points:

  • Roblox is not a game per se. It is a massively multiplayer online game creation platform where kids can play games created by other Roblox users or create their own games using a free all-in-one builder tool called Roblox Studio.
  • The platform and player-created games are multiplayer; This means that the players are in a virtual world with many other players. Roblox includes many settings to manage how players interact, including chat filters and online moderators.
  • All Roblox content is created by users. This means that all kinds of creativity will be shown, including some content that may not be appropriate for your child.

GoogleRobloxand much of what you will read relates to parental safety concerns. Some posts fully warn parents about the platform, while others take a more measured approach, urging parents to take advantage of Roblox's parental controls while empowering kids.protect yourself. Learning how to navigate Roblox's parental controls and privacy settings offers a handy way to develop your online safety superpowers. Not only will you learn a lot about how Roblox works, but you'll also gain skills that you can pass on to your children to help them develop good digital habits.

Here's what you need to know about how Roblox handles player safety:

  • Chat-Filter.Roblox uses filters to classify profanity and other problematic language. This prevents inappropriate content and personal data from being visible on the website. Parents can disable or restrict online chat and control which users their child can chat with. No chat means chat is disabled. Chat with friends limits chat to a list of users that you approve. Users can chat with anyone on the site without restrictions. Players under the age of 13 can see and say fewer words and phrases than players over the age of 13. Parents can add a PIN to their account that locks account settings and prevents kids who aren't happy with their chat restrictions from resetting them. clickherefor more information on how to customize your child's chat settings.
  • human moderators.All user-uploaded images are reviewed by human moderators for inappropriate content prior to posting. Moderators help proactively remove inappropriate content from chat.
  • Curated lists.Parents can limit which games their child can play through a curated list. This is done by enabling account restrictions in your account settings. Collaboratively creating lists with your child is a great way to learn more about your child's interests while helping him make age-appropriate choices for her.
  • Report and Ban: Online Communities for Kidsthey are governed by a set of community rules associated with the treatment of violations of community rules. robloxcommunity rulesOutline expectations regarding player behavior and actively encourage players to report inappropriate behavior. Learn how to report bad behavior and block users, and make sure your child knows how too.

In addition to understanding the tools available in Roblox, it's important to be aware of and communicate with your child about their play. Common Sense Media recommends that you should train your childdon't talk to people you don't know(unless they can verify that they are actually friends or friends of a friend in real life) and not accept private messages (PM) from people they don't know. They also recommend making sure that “your child knowsnever reveal personal information, trust your instincts when someone makes you uncomfortable, and never move a conversation to another platform (a tell-tale red flag for predators).

i wrote about itWhy do kids watch so many Minecraft videos?, and the same goes for Roblox. Watching Roblox videos can help kids stay up to date in their social circle. Kids without a Roblox account can learn the lingo and connect with popular Roblox personalities in a way that allows them to remain part of a fandom they share with their friends. Plus, how-to videos help kids learn Roblox Studio and improve their game design skills by learning from experts.

Creating games on Roblox is quite easy. The platform comes with many pre-built templates that provide a starting point for beginners. But if your child wants to create a unique game, he should learn how to use the Roblox scripting language called Roblox Lua. Players use a drag-and-drop code editor to create custom actions, conditions, or game mechanics. They learn about programming concepts like loops, conditionals, arrays, and inheritance.

Roblox has a helpful community of players and many resources, including awikito help players learn Roblox scripts. I have foundAlvinBloxbe one of the best. Just like Lego or Minecraft, what kids can do is only limited by their imagination.

If you have a child who learns best in more structured environments, there are several organizations that offer courses and camps to learn to code with Roblox. includeiD-Technology,CodaKids, yCode-Ninjas.

Roblox uses an in-game currency called Robux. The currency is used for various in-game purchases, such as outfits or animations, weapons or other tools, or unique abilities in games. There are many different ways to get Robux. The easiest way is (unfortunately) to buy them outright or get them as part of a paid subscription. Players can also trade them with other players or even have someone donate them.

If this sounds confusing, it may be. Players who create games or digital items on Roblox can earnreal moneyof his creations. They do this by charging people to play their games on the platform using Roblox, the in-game virtual currency, or by offering usage-based in-game purchases. This makes Robux quite attractive to children. In-app purchases are not a new model, but parents need to understand that they play a role in Roblox.

You should also know that Roblox uses a Freemium/Premium mode. The basic experience is free: players can play many games and download Roblox Studio. But if your child wants to explore everything the platform has to offer, he or she will surely want to become a member of the Builders Club, which offers additional features and amembership fee.

As a parent and advocate of the positive potential of gaming, I see opportunities in platforms like Roblox and Minecraft. It can help children (and parents) learn about the risks and benefits of playing with others online. Roblox games are multiplayer games. you're social For many kids, playing on a Minecraft server or joining the Roblox community may be their first experience of connecting with others online. Use the experience as an opportunity to hone your tech superpowers as a parent and explore all that Roblox has to offer.

One last detail: Roblox is available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One.

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