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The Science of Aging: Different Life Stages and How to Extend Your Life

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- Author's Guide by Corin B. Arenas, published August 9, 2019

Aging: A natural process that every living organism goes through. For centuries people have searched for the fountain of youth to reverse old age. However, until the development of modern science and medicine, we knew very little about this phenomenon.

In fact, scientists did not pioneer it until 1903Gerontology, Which is thestudy of the aging processfrom middle age to old age. Gerontologists focus on understanding the physical, mental, and social changes that are occurringas people get older. Because of their multidisciplinary approach, gerontologists practice in a variety of fields, including biology, genetics, sociology, and psychology.

Today some of the world's leading gerontologists,Aubrey degreyjDr. David SinclairShe believes that old age can be cured in the near future. They also see old age as a disease. While others in the scientific community may disagree, surely more people want to live longer, healthier lives.

Thanks to dedicated experts, we now know a little more about the causes of aging. And more importantly how to possibly slow down. So far this is what we know about aging.

What are the causes of old age?

According to the World Health Organization,aging is causedthrough a variety of accumulations over timecell damage. This ongoing damage impairs organ function, resulting in poor physical health and slow cognitive function. Older people are prone to diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and heart failure.

The link between DNA repair and aging

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A cell ages as it divides and replicates to repair itself. During life, cells divide many times before theirsgenetic material can no longer be replicated exactly. When this happens, cell damage occurs. In fact, studies show that more genetic abnormalities can be detectedobserved in elderly patients.

Telomere shortening = shorter life expectancy

Most organisms haveChromosomes, which are filamentous materials containing proteins and nucleic acids that carry genetic information. At the ends of these chromosomes areTelomerewhich act as protective caps that carry no genetic material.

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When cells divide and replicate, part of the telomere is transferred to the other end of the chromosome. Over time, the telomere erodes and shortens through repeated replication until it almost disappears. This leaves the genetic material free,which can lead to cell death(Apoptosis).

When cells can no longer divide, they become senescent cells and eventually die. In other cases, the abnormality can create cancer cells. Thereforestudies showTelomere shortening makes peopleprone to degenerative diseases.

Gene therapy, the future of anti-aging treatment

To heal cell damage and telomere shortening, scientists are conducting advanced gene therapy research, adding new genes to cells to replace faulty genes and correct genetic disorders.

An example of a biotech company that has successfully tested telomere shortening isBioviva United States. According to Bioviva CEO Elizabeth Parrish, gene therapy can extend the life of an old telomere by up to 20 years. Parrish notes:

"Current therapies offer only marginal benefits for people suffering from the diseases of old age [...] Advances in biotechnology are the best solution, and if these results are even remotely correct, then we have made history."

Hormonal factors that aggravate aging

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Apart from the genetic level, other factors such as hormonal and metabolic processescontribute to aging. IsHormonal systemregulates various bodily processes, such as metabolism and sexual reproduction.

For example, studies show that older men have lower testosterone levels, while postmenopausal women tend to have lower estradiol and estrogen levels. These hormones contribute to healthy sexual reproduction, a function that deteriorates with age.

Also, as we age, our metabolism slows down. Metabolism is basically a combination of chemical reactions that keep your body running. When your metabolism slows, you tend to be less active, which causes you to lose more muscle mass. Studies show that by the time you reach 80Lose 30% of your muscle masscompared to 20 years.

Aging: a combination of several factors

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While aging occurs at the cellular level, other elements that contribute to its degradation are environmental and lifestyle factors. Consider immediate factors like your diet, stress levels, and pollution that can affect your health and life expectancy. Taking care of your body involves making conscious choices, such as: B. A nutritious diet and a clean lifestyle to improve your health.

It's important to remember that aging is a confluence of many factors, and improving just one or two of these factors may not necessarily reduce their adverse effects. Gene therapy can address this problem at the cellular level, but we'll have to wait for further advances before medical authorities approve the treatment.

Development and aging stages: physical and mental changes

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Throughout life, males and females go through various developmental changes until they mature into adults. To understand how aging profoundly affects physical and mental health, here is a summary of the stages with corresponding biological changes for both men and women.

puberty and adolescence

Puberty means growth spurts and the beginning of sexual development due to hormonal changes. It consists of a series of stages thatInfluencethemuscle development, bones and other bodily functions. Because of this, parents may feel that childhood can pass quickly.

Most people might think that puberty begins when children hit their teens, but it can actually happen earlier (under the age of 10). Puberty does not occur simultaneously in girls and boys; occurs a year earlier in girls than in boys. The teenage years are also referred to as adolescence.

AfterStanford Children's HealthHere's a breakdown of the physical changes during puberty:

Physical changes in children

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  • Between 9 ½ to 14 years
  • Apparent growth of the testicles.
  • A year later, the penis gets bigger.
  • Appearance of pubic hair - 13.5 years
  • Experience wet dreams - 14 years
  • Appearance of armpit hair - 15 years
  • appearance of facial hair
  • Vocal change, it gets deeper and fuller.
  • muscle development
  • You can develop acne

Physical changes in girls

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  • Between 8 and 13 years
  • visible breast growth
  • appearance of pubic hair
  • Appearance of hair in the armpits - around the age of 12
  • Beginning of menstruation - from 10 to 16.5 years
  • Changes in body shape - pronounced hips
  • You can develop acne

Adolescence is a time of social growth and self-exploration. During these years, boys and girls go through a variety of mental and social changes before becoming young adults. Some of these changes include:

  • Ability to think abstractly - example: planning long-term goals
  • Become self-aware: compare yourself to your peers
  • Assess peer acceptance
  • Awareness and interest in social issues, politics and philosophy.
  • Desire for independence from parents.
  • Desire for romantic and sexual relationships.
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues.

Keep in mind that these changes usually occur in both boys and girls. However, the way they feel about situations or how they deal with problems is still different.

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For example, teenagers can start participating in male activities and join sports teams to feel accepted. Others may even engage in bullying to feel a sense of acceptance or superiority. Girls can also participate in sports and other group activities, but still value close friendships for a sense of belonging.

These are just some of the psychological and social changes that occur during adolescence. for these reasons,deal with stressmay behard for teenagers. But it's also a crucial time to learn more about yourself, build self-esteem, and learn from those around you.

Late adolescence to early adulthood

SeaState Youth Health Center, people between the ages of 18 and 24 are in theirlate adolescence or early adulthoodStage. However, other sources say that early or young adulthoodis between 20 and 35 years.

Basically, despite the differences in range, it is a crucial process that takes place prior to full maturation into an adult.

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Physical changes in young adults

By this point, the physical and sexual changes in both men and women are largely complete. However, some men can continue to grow and develop until they are 21 years old.

Psychological and social changes

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At this point, without rapid changes caused by hormones, both men and women feel more comfortable with their physical appearance. Because most people are sexually experienced by this age, they develop a clearer sense of sexual identity. Some of these changes include:

  • Establishing values ​​about sexual behavior.
  • A personal sense of masculinity or femininity.
  • Develop romantic relationship skills.
  • Growing concerns about serious relationships (love, fidelity)
  • Develop stable and useful relationships with peers.
  • Address demands and social obligations (work, paying rent, etc.).
  • Restoration of relationship with parents (fewer conflicts)

Young people today need time to reach their economic and psychological maturity. This is partly because the process has become more gradual than it used to be, as more emphasis is placed on education and family planning.

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Experiences also vary widely by gender, ethnicity, race, and social class. It is the time when people experience major shifts in their ability to analyze and make decisions. Some of these changes include:

  • Further development and application of abstract thinking.
  • Visualize possibilities and think about the future
  • Introspection and holding more than one viewpoint
  • Increased Empathy: Putting yourself in the other person's shoes
  • Recognize the value of diversity
  • Be idealistic and philosophical.

Women: changes during pregnancy and after childbirth

Women's bodies go through a series of transformations once they have children. Many of these changes are obvious, including weight gain, a bigger belly, and morning sickness. A woman's body adjusts in many ways to make way for a new life.

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According to an article by C. Kidney Berg aboutliving scienceHere are other physical changes women face during pregnancy:

  • Bleeding gums due to a weakened immune system
  • Thicker, healthier hair and nails due to increased estrogen
  • Stretch marks caused by rapid weight gain during pregnancy
  • Melasma, or dark skin around the eyes due to increased melanin
  • Elevated temperature and sweating due to higher metabolic rates

physical changes,After pregnancy:

  • Hair loss or normal hair growth – estrogen levels drop (within 4 to 6 months)
  • The decrease in sexual desire is also caused by the decrease in estrogen.
  • Abdominal bulge: It takes 6 to 8 weeks for the uterus to return to its normal size
  • Swelling of the feet due to the increase in growth hormones.
  • Smaller cup size: Breasts are less firm due to lactation
  • persistence of stretch marks

Psychological changes after birth

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It is common for women to experience depression after childbirth. New mothers oftengoing through "baby blues",which means having bouts of crying, mood swings, and insomnia. After a few weeks everything should be back to normal.

However, there are mothers who suffer from a long-term depression known as postpartum depression. It also prevents women from functioning and caring for their baby. With treatment, women with the postpartum condition eventually recover.

adulthood to middle age

This stage is characterized as the period after young adulthood before entering old age. However, the Oxford English Dictionary defines the median age as between 45 and 65 yearsother sourcesYou can argue that it starts in the mid-thirties.

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According to today's psychology, it can be a troubled and stressful time becauseMany people feel unsatisfiedin coping with the reality of aging, death and the meaning of life. But alongside these mental health issues, men and women need to start taking preventative health measures to avoid degenerative diseases like cancer, heart failure and Alzheimer's.

Especially women are beginning to experienceMenopause, which is characterized by the absence of the menstrual cycle. The body begins to produce less estrogen and progesterone, leading to hot flashes. This is a stressful transition for women as these are signs of getting older and not being able to have children.

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Here is a list of the conditions you should be screened for in midlife:

Keep these tests in mind the next time you visit your doctor. Prevention is always better than cure, so make it a habit to have regular check-ups with your doctor.

High age

According to the World Health Organization, older people are people aged 60 to 65 or older. It is referred to as the last stage of life after adolescence and adulthood, which is closer to the average human life expectancy. It is described as the final stage of life after adolescence and adulthood, which is closer to average life expectancy.

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It is known that most people are weaker during this period, with signs of deterioration in their skin and general physical condition. At this stage, the elderly are prone to all kinds of diseases and are advised to take better care of their health.

Notable degenerative conditions include:

  • deafness
  • poor eyesight or loss of vision
  • Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and arthritis.
  • mobility impairment
  • Bone and joint diseases (arthrosis and osteoporosis)
  • urinary incontinence
  • Weakened immune function - slow wound healing
  • Decreased sexual desire in both men and women.

Factors that can cause premature aging

While aging is considered a natural process, several factors can accelerate it. They also pose significant health risks that can affect longevity.

Some of these lifestyle issues can be as simple as poor sleep quality and poor stress management. Too much alcohol and even technology addiction, which is detrimental to mental health, can make aging worse. However, the main factors that speed it up include:

sedentary lifestyle

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Aftera study published in the Archives of Internal MedicinePeople who are not physically active are at increased risk of age-related diseases and premature death.

Researchers collected DNA samples containing leukocyte telomeres from sedentary participants. They found that the average telomere loses 21 nucleotides per year when it is least active.

To be overweight

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Another side effect of a sedentary lifestyle is weight gain. Aggregated adipose tissue causes chronic inflammation in the organs, a factor in aging. More fat also increases the presence of aging cellsthat can no longer divide and eventually dies. Bottom line: When most of your cells can no longer replicate and repair themselves, your body breaks down.

poor diet

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Poor nutrition is always associated with obesity. A Diet In a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, researchers put mice on a strict "fast food" diet high in saturated fat, cholesterol and sugary drinks. More calories accelerate the accumulation of fat in cells. The negative effects of fast food were clear, but the mice showed noticeable improvements.when you enter the exercise.

Research shows the importance of modifiable dietary factors in preventing the onset of degenerative diseases.

How to reduce the effects of aging

There is no complete evidence to stop or reverse aging. Until the public has access to gene therapy that is not yet approved for the treatment of aging, we must continue to make healthier diet and lifestyle choices. Based on the main causes of aging, here are some ways you can reduce its effects.

Adopt an active lifestyle

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Make exercise a priority. This is difficult when you're used to a sedentary lifestyle, but starting small will go a long way.

To activate your body, you can tryto practice. It may sound like a diet, but it isTraining strategywhich divides the exercise intoshort and intense sessionsAll day. It's actually very similar to the concept of small meals, except that it involves brief periods of physical activity. It is very beneficial for busy people who have trouble finding time to exercise.

When doing "snack-sized" exercises, remember that it mattersincrease your heart rate by up to 90 percentits maximum impact. Some ways to work out with snacks are 15-minute walks after meals and short high-intensity interval training (HIIT) before meals.

In a study published in Diabetes Carescientists foundagain15 minute walks after mealssignificantlow blood sugar levelsin older people. Other similar studies also show that walking after meals is more effective at lowering blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

It is a good way to prevent or control diabetes. Just remember to stretch for a few minutes before and after your walks to avoid cramping or injury.

Maintain your ideal body weight

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In addition to exercise, make a conscious effort to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy weight. It will take a while, but controlling your weight is better than struggling when you're heavier.

visceral fat,Ödeep belly fat,is the pillowsurrounds your internal organs. When fat accumulates around the midsection, it doesn't stay there. Fat actually affects the production of substances in your body thatit affects your metabolismand internal organs.

What is bad? When the regular areas for fat storage are full, thegordois finallydeposited in the organs and around the heart. In this case, too much fat not only affects cell function. It can also alter organ function.

Eating healthy: the longevity diet

Recent studies show that the ideal diet for longer life is a plant-based diet. Calorie restriction and fasting also help the body reduce the effects of aging.

In the book"how not to die"from Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone, the authors discussed the ideal diet for longevity. In summary, the book states:

  • Vegetarian diet + fish diet = best for nutrition
  • Meat, cheese and other animal products are bad for longevity
  • Nuts, beans, fruit = all good
  • Drink water instead of other beverages.

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Another book with the titleThe Longevity Diet’ by the biogenrontologist Dr. Valter Longo emphasizes the importance of calorie restriction and fasting for cell regeneration. He talks about eliminating refined sugar and processed foods that are harmful to the body.

Longo also looks at what long-lived people eat. And although they consume fat, their diet does not come from saturated animal fats, but mostly from plant foods.

health statistics and life expectancy

According to the founder and futurist of Singularity UniversityRay Kurzweil, life expectancy was 23 years about a thousand years ago and 37 years in 1800. In another source, gerontologist and evolutionary biologist Caleb Finch says that theaverage lifeabove20 to 35 yearsaltfor Romans and Greeks.

The factors that influenced life expectancy in the 19th century had to do with thisBad hygieneand lack of clean running water. infections liketyphoid, scarlet fever,and rheumatic feverthey were very commonin the XIX century. Life expectancy has also been affected by wars and economic crises throughout history.

But thanks to technological advances in medicine and improved living conditions, people's lives have become significantly longer. Today, most modernized countries report a75 years life expectancy, according to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Blue Zones: Places where people live the longest

blue zonesthey are areas around the world where people live longer. These areas are reported to have higher life satisfaction, lower chronic disease rates, and supportive communities. People living in Blue Zones also eat fresh fruit and vegetables or fish from nearby shores.

Some of the top places where people over the age of 80 live are:

  • Alberta Lea, Minnesota
  • Loma Linda, California
  • Sardinia, island in the Mediterranean Sea
  • San Marino in southern Europe
  • Monaco on the French Riviera
  • Okinawa in Japan

What is the highest age anyone can live?

According to a New York Times report, people are todaycan live to be 115 years old.

How old was the oldest reported person?

The oldest person ever recorded was American.sarah knuss, which was reported119 yearswhen she died.

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