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One thing you might know about me if you've been reading my blog for a long time is that I love icebreaker games. They are my favorite way to introduce people at a party. I think it makes things less awkward (since everyone is playing) and gives everyone a common ground to start with (although that common ground is: wow, Chrystina really needs to pick up a new hobby). Over the years, I've narrowed down my usual list to my own.The 5 best games to break the ice. One of those games is Never Have I Ever, possibly my favorite icebreaker game of all time.

What do I never have?

You've most likely heard of Never Have I Ever in the context of a drinking game, but it's good for so many other things, especially as an icebreaker for large groups of people who have never met before. Essentially, there have never been any announcements that the host writes in advance or guests submit as they go and one person reads the announcement and everyone who made the announcement has to take action. This action can be anything from taking a drink, eating an M&M, raising a finger, taking a step forward; basically, you're looking for a visible signal to let the rest of the group know that you actually did it, whatever the message (whether you're embarrassed or not). You can see how it adds an unfamiliar element to the game when you let guests come up with their own Never Have I Evers, which can be fun, but not always. If you're (a) trying to control the direction of the game, or (b) trying to keep up the fast pace, it's best if the host creates a prompt list, at least to start the game to get things. lamination.

Never Have I Ever benefits as an icebreaker.

There are many icebreaker games to choose from, but there are two qualities that make this one wonderful:

  • It's fast paced. Sometimes when you play icebreaker games, people can get bored. Something like "I've never done it" is so quick that people stay engaged.

  • It can be anything you need. It can be used for teens at a slumber party, it can be used for kids during a school event, it can be used as a drinking game for twenty-somethings, it can be used at a corporate event, and more. The prompts you use throughout the game can be customized to suit any age or demographic.

Examples of use of questions "I never":

Throughout my life, the "Never Have I Ever" game has appeared in a variety of guises. Here are a few that come to mind:

I have never been an RA

When I was an RA, I once wrote the "Never Me" prompts on pieces of paper and posted them in the hallway of our apartment. My residents walked up and down the hall writing their names on the sheets of paper where they had done what the sheet asked for. It was a good way to get people moving and meet new people from across the hall.

I have never been to a large children's party.

The dance school I attended since high school hosted a Christmas party every year for all 200 dancers between the ages of 3 and 18. During this celebration we played a version of Never Have I Ever, and then everyone started the game on their feet, the dance teacher reading the directions that she took out of a bowl. If the message was for the dancer, she had to sit down. The last one standing won a prize. Fun fact: I once couldn't figure out if my dad had a beard or not. The question was "does your father have a beard?" and I couldn't really figure out the answer. He apparently he has.

I have never experienced a great 21st birthday

During my 21st birthday party, I had over 80 attendees, each of whom only knew about 20 people (max). I laid colored construction paper on the floor in a circle and asked each guest to stand on a piece of paper. Then he read the instructions into the microphone and each time one of the guests gave the indication, he went to the next page. The first to reach their original piece of paper wins.

This was a fun idea because (a) the people overlapped, which meant they had to meet new people while going around in circles, and (b) you had the option to call specific people with specific prompts, which in many cases it is done maliciously. when this turns into a drinking game, but I thought it was cool to say things like "I've never sequenced DNA before," knowing that all my friends from high school had to step up. During a recent party, I was able to use an equivalent to "I've never invented a board game" to showcase another cool thing some of my friends had done recently. Also, I definitely wanted to make sure the game stayed PG13 because my parent's friend from the church choir was DJing and I didn't want to embarrass myself in the future.

I have never seen one in a corporate setting.

One of my favorite icebreaker games in a corporate setting is playing online BINGO. To set up the game, the moderator writes "Never have I" in each box of the BINGO board (next to the blank space). To play, people must find someone who has completed each of these "Never Have I" messages and write their name in the box. The first to complete five squares in a row wins.

I have never drunk so typically

Everyone sits in a circle with a drink. People take turns offering "Never Have I" prompts, and when you complete the action, take a sip of your drink. Please note: It is perfectly acceptable to gamble while drinking water. Also note: It's still a bit unclear whether you win or lose if you finish your drink first. Most of the time, it's just an interesting way to learn new things about people, rather than "winners" or "losers." Remember to drink responsibly.

If you've used the "I've never done it" prompts differently, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

101 PG13 I never have questions

Today I want to focus on finding questions that are suitable for use in a large group. (Because I trust you will ask all your own inappropriate questions). Feel free to post more PG13 Never Have Questions below, I'm always looking for new ones to add to the list. Some of these can't be used for children's parties, but at least they'll point you in the right direction.

  1. ...jumped out of a plane.

  2. ...jumped off a cliff.

  3. …camped in the woods.

  4. ...been a girl scout or girl scout.

  5. … I played in a music band.


  6. …I played on a college sports team.

  7. ... been to a debutante ball.

  8. ...brownies baked from scratch.

  9. …homemade jam.

  10. ...made tomato sauce from scratch.

  11. …read the entire Harry Potter series.

  12. …watched all 3 original Star Wars movies.

  13. …watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  14. …read the hobbit.

  15. ... saw the exorcist.

  16. ...broken a bone.

  17. … get stitches.

  18. …have traveled outside of the United States.

  19. …traveled to Asia.

  20. …traveled to South America.

  21. ...been on a cruise.

  22. …been to Disney World.

  23. …been on the Great Wall of China.

  24. … been to Machu Picchu.

  25. …sang karaoke with a live band.

  26. ... someone rolled.

  27. ... been to a dance concert.

  28. … rode a skateboard.

  29. ... got on a jumper.

    (Video) The Elvis Week Sessions

  30. …do a somersault on a trampoline.

  31. ...shooting with bow and arrow.

  32. …ride backwards on skates.

  33. … he rode a motorcycle.

  34. … cheating.

  35. …flew a plane.

  36. ...been in a helicopter.

  37. ... he sailed on a ship.

  38. …DNA sequenced.

  39. ...won a spelling bee.

  40. …participated in a chess competition.

  41. ...get a piercing.

  42. … Get a tattoo.

  43. ...used a magnifying glass to kill ants.

  44. ...deliberately ate an insect.

  45. …bought a house.

  46. …redesigned a kitchen.

  47. …took a cross-country road trip.

  48. ... gave his car a name.

  49. …you played the original Mario Kart 64.

  50. … beat Super Mario 64.

  51. …played WOW for over 12 hours in one day.

  52. … I did yoga with goats.

  53. …played 18 holes of golf.

    (Video) Passion - Build My Life (Live/Lyrics And Chords) ft. Brett Younker

  54. ... made a half-field shot in basketball.

  55. ...snuck into a movie.

  56. …He used all 7 letters in Scrabble.

  57. ...rolled Yahtzee.

  58. … he played basketball.

  59. ...he threw a 250+.

  60. ...he lied about his age.

  61. ...he lied about his birthday to get a free dessert.

  62. …skipped school without getting sick.

  63. ...has detention.

  64. …changed a grade on a certificate.

  65. ...ran away from home.

  66. …gave someone a fake phone number.

  67. ...your braces got caught on someone else's.

  68. ...tried to swallow a gallon of milk.

  69. …try eating a spoonful of cinnamon.

  70. … I ate a whole pack of Oreos.

  71. ...licked up half of tootsie pop.

  72. ...spent more than $50 on cheese on one occasion.

  73. ...I bought a bottle of wine for over $100.

  74. …sat in a VIP box at a sports game.

  75. ... been to the Olympics.

  76. ... been to the Super Bowl.

  77. …Play soccer.

    (Video) The big cross-cut saw comparison | Metabo - Makita - Bosch - Festool | incl. raffle

  78. …played squash.

  79. …I played roulette.

  80. ...has a black belt.

  81. …completed a triathlon.

  82. ... completed an Iron Man.

  83. …collected baseball cards.

  84. ... collected Pokémon cards.

  85. ... had the tarot cards read to him.

  86. ...used a Ouija board.

  87. … sewed a quilt.

  88. …knit a scarf.

  89. …embroidery.

  90. …has been a flower girl or a ring bearer at a wedding.

  91. …sang the national anthem at a sports game.

  92. ...caught a foul ball.

  93. ...been on the Jumbo-Tron.

  94. ...been on TV.

  95. ...been on the radio.

  96. ...been on a podcast.

  97. ...changed a tire.

  98. ...powered by a shared ride service.

  99. ...I watched every episode of Friends.

  100. ... I watched all the episodes of Cheers.

  101. … I watched all the episodes of MASH.

    (Video) A Perfect Pairing starring Victoria Justice & Adam Demos | Official Trailer | Netflix

I hope you enjoy your Never Have I Experience and use it as a way to learn more about the people you meet and make even more connections in your life. Or at least that you can have fun with him at the bar on Friday night.

Now tell me, what is your favorite icebreaker game?


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